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                      20Eur/ 30 minutes lesson
                      30Eur/ 45 minutes lesson
                      40Eur/ 60 minutes lesson

You can pay weekly or monthly at the beginning of the month by transferring to the studio's account. If you pay ahead and miss a lesson, the money will roll over to the next week.

Lessons are offered online via Forte lessons or Zoom. Group lessons are available online. Students must have a stable internet connection and a laptop or iPad that has a working camera. Lessons will include music theory, technique, improvising, playing by ear, and music reading. Older students can consider doing lessons every other week.
I would like the students to talk about their goals within the piano lessons. Older students especially have a big say in their repertoire choices and need to keep communication open about what they want to play. If you have any piano books at home, we can include them as well.

Beginner students are highly recommended to use piano books. All the necessary materials have to be bought by a student/parent after my recommendation. Required materials. Students must have a piano or equivalent keyboard available to practice on daily. The piano must be tuned and maintained regularly. It is recommended to have a keyboard with 88 keys and be fully weighted with hammer action keys. A metronome (or an app with a metronome feature) will be needed too. 

Please contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

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